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Should I repair or replace my AC unit?

Do you rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable during the summer months?  If so, you should know that your AC needs to be properly maintained in order to continue functioning properly. However, even with proper maintenance, replacement will eventually be necessary when the machine reaches the end of its lifespan. […]

3 common types of furnace

Do you need to replace your furnace? If so, the kind you select should depend on a number of factors, including the size of your home, the existing ductwork and insulation, and your budget. Here’s what you should know about furnaces before you purchase one. Furnace types There are three main types of furnace to […]

Optimal AC temperature settings for energy efficiency

Do you know what the optimal AC temperature is to keep your home comfortable without spending a fortune on your power bill? If so, here’s some key information . The right temperature Experts consider an optimal AC temperature to be around 25 or 26 degrees Celsius. This temperature range is ideal because it won’t make […]

5 ways to extend the life of your furnace

Do you rely on a furnace to keep you warm in winter? If so, you should know that continuous use can take a toll on this appliance. Fortunately, there are things you can to keep it in good condition. Here are five steps you can take to extend the life of your furnace. Install a […]

Is a tankless water heater right for you?

If your water heater is beyond repair or you simply want to upgrade your current system, you might be wondering which type of water heater to choose. Here’s a look at the advantages and drawbacks of a tankless water heater so you can decide whether this model is right for your Calgary home or business. […]

Should you switch to a high-efficiency furnace?

If your furnace breaks down, you may decide to invest in a replacement unit rather than pay to have your old appliance repaired. Here’s a look at why you should consider upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace. The features of a high-efficiency furnace A furnace’s efficiency is measured by its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. […]

Furnace maintenance: a complete checklist

You rely on your furnace to keep your home or business warm during Calgary’s long, cold winters. To ensure it’s always up to the task, you need to perform regular upkeep at the beginning and end of the season. It’s also important to book an annual maintenance service call with a professional. Here’s a checklist […]

Does my boiler need to be repaired or replaced?

As with any household appliance, your boiler has a limited lifespan. Even with regular inspections and maintenance, it’ll eventually need to be replaced. Therefore, if your boiler malfunctions or starts to make strange noises, it’s important to consider whether you should pay to have it fixed or invest in a replacement unit. In many situations, […]