Are you looking to design the shower of your dreams? If so, here are four important factors to consider.

1. Available space
Once you have the dimensions of your space, you can decide which type of enclosure will work best in your bathroom. For instance, square and off-set quadrant-style enclosures are perfect if you have limited space, whereas rectangle or shower/bath combos may be preferable if you have a larger room. In addition, the available space in your bathroom will dictate what type of door would work best, such as sliding, swinging, hinged or bi-fold.

2. Showerhead
If you’re looking for an inexpensive showerhead that’s easy to install and replace, a wall-mounted model is the way to go. Conversely, hand-held showerheads are a bit more versatile. For example, they can be used as a fixed showerhead or taken out of their cradle and used to bathe pets or wash children. If these two options don’t appeal to you, you can also opt for a luxury showerhead such as a rain showerhead, body sprays or a dual showerhead. Just keep in mind that certain showerheads require different strengths of water pressure.

3. Shower valve
A properly installed shower valve can make showering more pleasant by reducing temperature fluctuations and surprise changes in water pressure. For example, pressure-balance valves are affordable and have a single handle that controls both the water flow and temperature. The biggest drawback is that it maintains a constant temperature by changing the water pressure, so the water flow tends to fluctuate.

Conversely, a thermostatic valve has two handles. One handle controls the water flow and the other controls the water temperature. This system is designed to maintain both water pressure and temperature. As such, many thermostatic valves include a dial that allows users to pre-set the water temperature. However, they tend to be quite pricey.

4. Lifestyle
Before purchasing a shower, you should reflect on how you plan to use it. For example, deciding whether the shower will be used by children, adults or guests will help you make an informed decision. For instance, if the shower will be used by older relatives or people with mobility concerns, you may want to think about using non-slip tiles, installing grab bars or incorporating a seat area.

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If you’re renovating your bathroom, here are six things to take into consideration when purchasing a new toilet.

1. Rough-in measurements
Before you purchase a new toilet, you must determine how much space you have to install it. The most important measurements are the rough-in dimensions. This is the distance between the floor drain and the wall. Standard toilets have a rough-in of 12 inches. However, 10-inch and 14-inch rough-in toilets are also available.

2. Bowl height
Standard toilets are between 14 and 15 inches tall and are suitable for shorter people and young children. However, you can also purchase comfort toilets, which are 16 to 17 inches tall and are better for tall people or individuals with limited mobility.

3. Bowl shape
Elongated toilet bowls provide more sitting room and tend to be more comfortable than round bowls. However, round bowls are more affordable and are suitable for smaller bathrooms since they take up less space.

4. Style
There are three basic styles of toilets: two-piece, one-piece and wall-mounted. Two-piece toilets are the most common type of toilet on the market. They’re affordable, easy to repair and are known for their durability. On the other hand, one-piece toilets are one seamless unit, making them stylish and easy to clean. However, they tend to be a bit pricey. Lastly, wall-mounted toilets are mounted directly to the wall and don’t have a foot or base. Since the tank is hidden inside the wall, these types of toilets can be expensive to install and repair.

5. Water efficiency
Standard toilets use about six litres per flush. However, if you want to save on your water bill, you may want to purchase a high-efficiency or dual-flush toilet. High-efficiency toilets use three to four litres per flush. In addition, dual-flush toilets bring the best of both worlds, as you have the option for either a full or partial flush.

6. Flush performance
Flush performance measures a toilet’s ability to clear waste in one single flush. Consequently, toilets with a higher flush rating offer better waste removal and clog resistance. You should look for toilets with a flush performance of at least 350 grams. However, toilets with a flush performance of 700 grams or higher will be more reliable.

You may also want to consider installing a bidet or splurging on features such as a soft-closing or heated toilet seat.

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Many people don’t realize that cooking can be a large source of indoor air pollution. Natural gas and propane stoves can release carbon monoxide and other chemicals into the air. Plus, heating oils, fats and other ingredients can produce toxic fumes that can be harmful to people and pets. Fortunately, proper ventilation can remove air pollutants and improve the air quality in your home. Here are a few ways to enhance kitchen ventilation and reduce your exposure to indoor air pollutants.

  • Install an exhaust fan. A hood fan, also known as an exhaust hood or range hood, is a unit that hangs above a kitchen stove and extracts air pollutants caused by cooking. A properly installed and ducted fan is the best way to filter out smoke and grease when you cook. These units are more effective when the air is vented outside instead of being filtered and recirculated.
  • Use the fan when you cook. Turn your hood fan on and keep it on. Many people don’t turn their fans on at all because they find them too noisy. The noise level of a fan is determined by how much air it can pull from a given space, also known as its cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating. If noise is an issue, look for a hood fan with low CFM.
  • Clean the fan filter often. Wash the filter on your hood fan regularly. If it has a metal mesh filter that you’ll need to remove. You can clean it with baking soda or dish soap.
  • Use the back burner. Some hood fans have a low capture efficiency. They may do a great job of collecting and expelling contaminants that are directly below them, but can be less effective at removing fumes that are outside the perimeter of the hood enclosure. By cooking on your stove’s back burners, directly under the fan, you can ensure maximum removal of smoke and grease.
  • Open your windows. Open multiple windows and doors to create a draft that pushes polluted air outside your home.
  • Use additional fans. Install a window or oscillating fan to help remove stagnant air and bring fresh air in. Oscillating fans sometimes come with ionizing filters that can help with air purification.
  • Invest in an air purifier. Air purifiers with HEPA filters can remove up to 99.7 per cent of harmful air particles. However, you’ll need to make sure you regularly change the air filter.


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