18 Month Deferral Promotion

Important to Note:

  • Customers must sign the Home Depot contract within the designated dates: Thursday, February 15th to Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 (no exceptions)
  • Service providers have up to 90 days after the contract is signed to complete the installation
  • Contracts must be clearly marked “18 Month Deferral”
  • The deferral is 0% interest to the customer – 1% minimum monthly payment required
  • Although store signage will advertise “10% off OR 18 Month Deferral” our category is eligible for the 18 Month Deferral ONLY
  • There is no additional charge to the dealer for this credit offer

Click HERE for a copy of the promotional poster

FREE 10 Year Parts and Labour Promotion

Please note:

  • Dealers must purchase the extended labour warranties from an approved third party insurance company, such as Cornerstone
  • Cost to Dealer: NEE and Dealer to share in the cost of the warranty 50/50; Dealer will be credited 50% of the total warranty cost at the end of the promotion
  • All brands offered through the Home Depot Canada HVAC program qualify
  • Only contracts sold between February 15th – May 2nd, 2018 will qualify (no exceptions)
  • Installations must be completed by: June 2nd, 2018
  • “Free 10 Year Parts & Labour Warranty” must be clearly marked on the Home Depot contract
  • Service Partner must submit proof of the warranty purchase to NEE in order to receive the promo credit (click HERE to download the spreadsheet)

The P&L warranty spreadsheet must be completed and submitted to Marco Olivieri at molivieri@nee.ca after the promotion expires in order to receive the credit.

Reminder: The 18 month deferral promotion can be combined with the 10 Year Parts and Labour Promotion